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Fixed Coworking

Bem-vindo à Sua Estação de Trabalho Fixa

Tired of the office isolation? So do we!  we think of a shared space, where you can interact with other companies, but continue with your privacy on your exclusive workstation.


  • Introducing the Colonies! Environments formed to fit your current needs and when your company expands.

  • In the colonies you have your fixed and exclusive position, you can unite your team in one place, have the presence of a brand and the convenience of drawers with keys.

  • Space for Desktop, Notebook and Printers (even if the prints on our fast printer are priced).


The residents, who hire colonies or combs (a fraction of the colony), also have access to a free coworking area and have the benefits that other users have, from wired internet, to a greater presence on the site, facilitating partnerships and sales.

Week days . from 07h to 22h and Saturdays from 08h to 20h

Rotating space

Free wifi

Por apenas: R$ 690,00

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