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Private Rooms

FROM R $ 3000 / MONTH

If your industry requires more confidentiality and secrecy, Cowmeia also has the most traditional solutions for exclusive corporate rooms. In addition to total privacy, support services and a dedicated internet link, your company also has access to free coworking areas, the food court, pantry and other spaces available for the whole swarm.

 The big advantage is not just reduced in accounts payable. In addition to this major change in your routine, you will not need to manage all the human and structural resources that are already included in the plan, such as electricity, internet, condominium, property tax, water, cleaning and service support supplies.

Room Plans *

Rooms for up to 6 people: R $ 3,000.00

Rooms for up to 10 people: R $ 4,500.00

Rooms for up to 20 people: R $ 12.00.0

 measures and other questions please contact our team*


Exclusive phone: R $ 79.00

Dedicated broadband: R $ 70.00 per Mb

Structured cabling: R $ 170.00 per point (one-time installation fee)

 Open Monday to Friday from 8am to 10pm
Saturday from 8am to 20pm

Furnished rooms and AC

10h of meeting room

Free wifi

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