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Meeting Rooms

 Made to impress and give you control of trading. The rotating meeting rooms are ideal for professionals who just want a space to receive their clients avoiding the inconvenience of residential meetings or in public spaces. You can take your notebook to a presentation on the smartvs available in the rooms or simply connect your smartphone to the TV and control everything in the palm of your hand.


Want to impress even more? Ask for our whatsapp for a drink from our Bar for your client or a gourmet coffee made to order by the staff of our cafeteria.

Room Plans

Rooms for up to 5 people:

10 hours - R $ 290.00 l 20 hours - R $ 520.00 I + 20 hours - R $ 25.00 per hour l Single lease: R $ 45.00 per hour I Single monthly lease: R $ 35.00 per hour

Queen's Room:

10 hours - R $ 390.00 l 20 hours - R $ 700.00 I + 20 hours - R $ 33.00 per hour l Single lease: R $ 60.00 per hour I Single monthly lease: R $ 45.00 per hour: 

Week days . from 07h to 22h and Saturdays from 08h to 20h

Furnished rooms and AC

From 5 to 15 people

Free wifi

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